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21 Point Business Plan for My Fellow Agents

Your 21-Point Business Plan


1)   Do you have a database of names, addresses, phone #’s and other information on your clients readily available at your desk?

  1. Are you talking to 50 per week?

2)   Do you have a scheduled time each week/day when you communicate with your clients/friends? (“Hour of Power”)

  1. Do you do this consistently?
  2. Do you meet with your clients once a year for a “review” of their real estate?

3)   What are your systems for generating a continuous flow of buyers and sellers?

  1. Are you at the “cause” of what’s happening or the “effect” of what’s happening?

4)   Do you have a Buyer Interview Sheet and “Buyer Packet” readily available?

5)   Do you have Prelisting Interview Form near your phone?

6)   Have you mastered your “Ninja Selling” scripts for buyers, sellers, investors?

7)   Do you know how to use the MLS/Tax Records to do an accurate CMA?

  1. Do you understand absorption rate pricing?

8)   Do you have a pre-listing packet/book?

  1. Can it be custom generated quickly and without “brain damage?”

9)   Do you have a powerful Listing Presentation that:

  1. Clearly shows the seller their odds of selling their home?
  2. Shows them how to “price their home to sell?”
  3. Differentiates you from your competition?
  4. Demonstrates how you add value to your seller?  What is your “Wow!?”
  5. Shows at least 5 things that you and your company do for the seller that your competitors don’t?

10)   Do you know your “Sweet 16” listing questions?

  1. Are you prepared to answer the most common “objections to listing” and “pricing objections?”

11)   Do you have pricing and staging videos readily available?

12)   Do you have a marketing plan/checklist for your listings?

13)   Do you know the first 5 questions to ask a buyer?  The first 5 questions to ask an investor?  The first 5 questions to ask at an open house?

14)   Do you have questions and visual aids to help shift a seller from a “price shopping” mindset to a “results shopping” mindset?

15)   Do you have a system for coaching your builder?  A marketing plan?

16)   Do you have routines that keep you in balance and “rituals” that help you perform at your best?

17)   Do you have a marketing plan in place that keeps you in touch with your Magic 50 multiple times per year?

18)   Do you have your most common letters “standardized” so you don’t need to create an original every time you want to communicate with someone?

19)   Do you know your product, your market and your competition?

  1. Do you know these better than your customers?

20)   Is your financial house in order so you are not distracted?

  1.  Do you have a set of books so you know if your business is profitable?
  2. Are your taxes paid?
  3. Do you have “feel good” account?
  4. Do you have wealth creation on “automatic pilot” with your Business Manager?

21)   Do you have Goals and a Business Plan?

  1. Do you know where your business comes from specifically?
  2. Do you have a plan to build a business based on customer satisfaction and referrals?
  3. Do you have a Career Plan?
  4. A “Goddard List”?

22)   Who is someone you would like to emulate and learn from?