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Essex County Housing Reports January 2019

Essex County Housing Reports: December 2017 vs December 2018; Q4, 2017 vs Q4, 2018 and Year 2017 vs Year 2018

Inventory fell, unit sales fell and sale prices rose across all property types for the December, Q4 and Year EXCEPT for Single Family Homes whose prices fell 1.1% in December.

Here is breakdown by property type:

Single Family: December: Inventory Down 3.6% and Sale Prices Down 1.1%:  3 Months Inventory Down 3.3% and Sale Prices Up 1.4%

Condo: December Inventory Down 4% and Sale Prices Up 7.4%:  3 Months Inventory Down 2.1% and Sale Prices Up 10.1% 

Muilti-Family: Decmeber Inventory Down 12.2% and Sale Prices Up 5.9%: 3 Months Inventory Down 7.2% and Sale Prices Up 3.8% 

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